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We are a coalition of professional services providers who are dedicated to healing the spiritual war wounds of the men and women of our military.

We Offer a Variety of Services to Support Our Community


Family Division

To educate, inspire and transform using basic scientific proven methods/tools to decrease stress, anxiety and to increase resiliency and overall well-being.



Operation Bioenergetic Wisdom

For health practitioners who are interested in becoming part of the Pathways Wellbeing Centers using BioEnergetic wisdom in conjunction with other alternative healing modalities.

Image of a man floating inside of a sensory deprivation isolation tank, also known as a salt water floatation tank, a tank used in meditation, therapy and alternative medicine. This image has darker water.

Pathways Wellbeing Centers

Pathways Wellbeing Center's are located throughout the U.S. that specialize in RestStation Protocols, Flotation Therapy, Sound Healing, and other healing modalities.


Veteran Health Savings Accounts

As a sponsor you will be making the difference in a veteran’s life TODAY – not someday. Our online programs are offered to our veteran community through our small business sponsors.

Gary Ferguson

Veteran Program Protocols

Pathways Program Protocols provides veterans with up to 16 sessions at one of our Pathways Wellbeing Centers, located throughout the U.S. to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Pathways RestStation™ Protocols

Our mission is to provide global access to all physicians, clinicians, health care providers, and complementary alternative method service providers access to our RestStation™ lounge and their protocols.


"Having suffered from PTSD and TBI for nearly a half century as a result of my combat experiences in VietNam, I had given up all hope that I would ever feel normal again. Thanks to the team at Advanced Brain Technologies and their, “Veteran At Ease Reset Listening Protocols," that is longer the case. Combat veterans long for one thing, peace of mind, along with a quiet nights sleep. Thank you Advance Brain Technologies for giving me my life back"

"Having had difficulty with stress and anxiety for over 40 years I was blown away by the results produced by listening to the Veteran At Ease Reset Listening Protocols. I was skeptical at first, given my preconceived notion that something so simple could provide me relief from my symptoms. Boy was I wrong, just ask my wife who is finally getting a goods night sleep after years of dealing with my insomnia."

- Marty Goodrich, Veteran | Sacramento, CA

"Using the listening program provided by Advanced Brain Technologies is way beyond what I was expecting. I thought I was just going to be listening to great music. Little did I know that my depression and anxiety would become less and less. I now find that I no longer react to stressful situations and can remain calm and respond later without causing an incident and upsetting people I love. Who would of thought that there was hope for a guy like me. Thank you Advance Brain Technologies for helping me to become more present to my wife and children."

- Will Brewer, Disabled Veteran | Stockton, CA

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