Meet the Team


Melanie Fisher

Business Operations, Marketing & Sales

Melanie Fisher brings her entrepreneurial spirit and 15 years of marketing, design, and business development experience to the Pathways organization. She is known for her ability implement cutting edge, efficient new systems with a heart centered approach. She values creating high vibration work cultures and believes it is essential to building healthy, successful, organizations. Her path to Pathways includes working for Dr. Mehmet Oz’s New York City based nonprofit organization, HealthCorps. While at HealthCorps she contributed to supporting over 60 health education coordinators as they taught the innovative HealthCorp’s curriculum to underserved high school students throughout the United States. She planned several large scale, health and fund raising community events in California, Oregon and New York. She played a key role in the procurement of funding for, nation wide conferences, building sports facilities, producing documentaries and research projects involving new health technologies for students and schools. Following her career at HealthCorps she created her own company, Grow Video where she applied her combined knowledge of high vibrational organizations, health education and breakthrough video marketing strategies. She serviced thousands of clients, including many from health related industries. Melanie’s strength lies in the heart centered approach she applies to creating industry disrupting systems and problem solving. She is also former military wife that intimately knows the struggles that many veterans face. She is honored to apply her skills and perspective to ensure the success of the Pathways organization.



Glenn Gschmeidler

IT Support & Marketing

Glenn Gschmeidler is a visual storyteller and creative professional who capitalizes on his career of nearly 30 years conveying messages in print, new media, and live theater. He has recently earned a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Motion Graphic Design from Expression College for Digital Arts. Glenn is excited about the partnership with Pathways to document the stories of healing of veterans and their families that we will serve.

Glenn possesses a unique blend of both deep technical knowledge and great artistic creativity enabling him to lead complex projects from concept all the way through to their completion. Behind the scenes or in front of the crowd, He is truly a man capable of wearing many hats.

Of the many hats that Glenn wears, he is most proud of his family role. Father of four children, devoted husband, and man of faith, Glenn believes his role at Pathways to be a ministry opportunity that is a blessing from God to serve our nation's heroes.

A recent move onto the Hosanna Pathways Ranch for Glenn and his family has opened doors to many possibilities surrounding services for veterans and their families. Organic Farming, Kids Kamps, and Foster Care are among some of the ideas that are being cultivated on the 90-acre property, strategically located in the center of three San Francisco Bay Area VA facilities. Fulfilling on the mission of the organization, Hosanna Pathways Ranch will be a safe haven where veterans can discover tools to re-purpose themselves in mind, body, and spirit.

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