Floataway Anxiety and Stress to Achieve a State of RestStation™




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Vicki Westergard

Owner/ CEO Afloat Mind + Body Wellness Center

Executive Director Pathways for Veterans Research Center - Omaha, NE



About Vicki

It’s funny but, I have a “fun foods” background in the corporate sector. I was in sales and marketing but looking to do something different with my life. After experiencing floating, I began with a curious desire to do the “due diligence” needed to understand this industry. I wanted to know why it had such a physical impact on me – what the science was. So, from those beginnings to where we are now, I know floating has the capacity to change lives in many ways. Let afloat: mind + body wellness introduce you to the benefits that floating can bring to your life.


Veteran Research Studies

We are looking for a group of veterans who are willing to fully participate in an 8-week research study using the latest and most advanced alternative healing modalities at Afloat Wellness Center. Your participation and results have the potential to positively impact tens of thousands of veterans. The purpose of these research trials are to provide Pathways for Veterans and Afloat Wellness Center real time Intel regarding the benefits of flotation, in conjunction with RestStation™ therapy, in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia. These symptoms are considered to be underlying causes of the larger diagnosis commonly known as PTSD.  We are reaching out to Omaha, Nebraska area veterans, who currently receive their VA medical benefits, for their opinion and recommendations based on their own flotation and RestStation™ experiences. If you are a veteran and are interested in participating in an 8-Week research study, fill out the preregistration form below and a member of our staff will get in touch with you shortly.


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