A L B A N Y,  N E W  Y O R K

Jonathan Perreault

Founder - Celestial Float

"Change Your Mind - Change Your Life."

My name is Jonathan Perreault, I decided to open Celestial Float for many different reasons. After hearing about the benefits through podcasts and videos almost a decade ago, I was fascinated by what some people say could be the "greatest spiritual event" that anyone can experience in their life. In September 2016, I found out a brand new float spa, Zephyr Float, had recently opened in Kingston, NY. Needless to say I was very excited and eager to try it! After feeling the effects first hand, I was completely blown away. The first experience had made me completely aware of a tear in my shoulder, which had been found by MRI years ago. I could pinpoint exactly where the pain was coming from and was able to release the tension in the surrounding muscles of my back and arm. I suffer from lower back pain and after floating, my back felt renewed. The muscles in my neck had been so tight for so many years that, eventually, it felt "normal" to feel neck tension. After slowly relaxing and telling myself to "Let go," the tightness in my neck was completely gone and I was able to fully release my neck. It was a relief I had not felt in such a long time. The ability to reflect on myself, my thoughts and my mind were greatly heightened inside the tank. A sense of intense relaxation came over me both during the float and the next day after. I had gotten the best sleep in months, possibly years that night. After this amazing experience, I made the decision to open a float spa in the Capital Region to increase awareness of all the benefits of floating and to provide this amazing service to the area.

Working in Emergency Medical Services for the last 4 years has put many things into perspective for me. The long and erratic hours, the constant stress, the working conditions had placed a toll on me both physically and psychologically. The best part was learning from every experience, meeting such a variety of people and, of course, the rush right before getting on scene to a significant call. EMS taught me adaptability and quick thinking. It taught me to never take life for granted. It taught me that everyone is going through their own struggle. Everyday is an opportunity to change ourselves and grow. I learned compassion, communication, exhilaration, pain and heartache. EMS taught me that the little things I used place such a high importance for: aren't always that important. The most important lesson I learned—we are all going through this journey together and we truly have the power to make and create our own future.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology from State University of New York at Albany in 2012. I hold certifications in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and AHA CPR & First Aid. I also recently (2017) received a Certificate in Personal Training in order to pursue another great passion of mine: physical fitness. I live a very active lifestyle and exercise 6-7 days a week. My exercise regiment varies and is constantly evolving. I have over 15 years of personal experience in resistance training, cardiovascular training, stretching and flexibility, cross-training and functional training. Coming from a family history of anxiety and depression, exercising has been one of the most significant factors in overcoming this without medication. My end goal is to provide both mental and physical well-being to as many people as I can. When the body and mind are healthy together, the potential for growth and positive change are that much greater.



When was the last time you did nothing? Literally nothing…

I see a world full of people. They may be lost. They may have lost their passion, their spark. They may feel lost and abandoned. They may feel they have no purpose. I see people on their smartphones, tablets, laptops. Losing sight of thoughts… feelings, constantly switching from one task to the next. Losing sight of the tangible world around us.  Never slowing down. Never taking the time to stop… and breathe.

But there is hope. The mind can change. Our thoughts can change. Every person has the power within themselves to change. Our environment doesn’t define our thoughts. Every great individual knew this. To promote change takes a great amount of effort and self-awareness, but allows us to change our environment. Blocking out everything can make the difference between hopelessness and greatness. Removing ourselves from the mundane activities allows us to expand our thoughts and ourselves. The power to change ourselves and our views on the world comes within, then our environment follows.

“What do I truly want out of my own life?”

The tank gives you chance to reflect on yourself and your mind. The tank helps you slow down; gain a better understanding of your thoughts. The overwhelming environment outside has disappeared… but it will still be there when you get back. Now’s an opportunity to decide, who you’re going to be and what you’re going to do when you get out. Change your mind: you can change everything…

Stepping out, there’s a sense of calm. A serenity that words cannot describe. The body is relaxed; the skin is glowing. If only for that moment, nothing else matters. There is an opportunity in every moment.


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Veteran Research Studies

We are looking for a group of veterans who are willing to fully participate in an 8-week research study using the latest and most advanced alternative healing modalities at Celestial Float. Your participation and results have the potential to positively impact tens of thousands of veterans. The purpose of these research trials are to provide Pathways for Veterans and Celestial Float real time Intel regarding the benefits of flotation, in conjunction with RestStation™ therapy, in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia. These symptoms are considered to be underlying causes of the larger diagnosis commonly known as PTSD.  We are reaching out to Albany, New York area veterans, who currently receive their VA medical benefits, for their opinion and recommendations based on their own flotation and RestStation™ experiences. If you are a veteran and are interested in participating in an 8-Week research study, fill out the preregistration form below and a member of our staff will get in touch with you shortly.

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