Aquaponics, the co-cultivation of plants and fish in a recirculating environment, is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. The growth of fish produces natural plant
nutrients. Water from the fish tank circulates through the growing trays for the plants. The plants use the nutrients, and the refreshed water is returned to the fish. Aquaponic systems take advantage of the natural relationship between the fish and plants to maintain a healthy environment for both. The aquaponic system duplicates what nature has been doing for millions of years.

Aquaponic systems are an economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly way to harvest large amounts of vegetables and high-protein fish for healthy dining and nutrition.

Kits for Aquaponic Farms

Pathways Aquaponics is proud to offer easy-to-install aquaponic systems for home and urban gardeners. No need for watering; the farms are fully automated. A one-hour, twiceper- day program circulates water through the system. No soil is necessary; your plants grow in trays filled with gravel. No weeding is necessary. No pesticides of fertilizers are necessary.
The entire system can be solar powered and completely automated.

• No Weeding Required

• No Soil Necessary

• Can Be Solar Powered

• Can Be Fully Automated

• Minimal Water Needed

• No Pesticides or Fertilizers

• Only 5 Minutes of Daily Upkeep Required!


In collaboration with our Bay Area partner, Sunset Sustainable Farms, Pathways Aquaponics is proud to announce the development of a disabled veteran accessible aquaponics training and demonstration greenhouse. This unique training center will allow all veterans to come together and learn from hydroponics and aquaculture experts, the ins and outs of starting an aquaponics farm, whether it be for the backyard enthusiast, or for someone interested in starting a commercial farming venture.

Disabled veterans will receive hands-on education and discover how easy aquaponics can be adapted to their specific disability.

Samantha Rodriguez

Samantha Rodriguez

Samantha is President and CEO of Sister’s Home Improvement & Design, Inc. Sister’s is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a green minded remodeling company with an
emphasis on disabled accessibility. With an experienced eye, Samanntha combines her construction and art background to achieve an aesthetic and simple way to integrate contemporary farming methods into everybody’s lifestyle. In 2009, she began EZ Farms and Fish and recently took on partners to become Sunset Sustainable Farms. Using the recirculating aquaponic technology, she is continuing to promote a “green” lifestyle by helping others produce sustainable quantities of organically grown vegetables and fish while achieving a degree of independence and fulfillment.

Judy Sandkuhle

Judy Sandkuhle

Sunset Sustainable Farms is a 3rd generation nursery that was opened in Oakland by partner Judy Sandkuhle’s grandfather in 1906 after the San Francisco earthquake. It was expanded to Danville in 1923 and Judy’s father took over in the late 1930’s. Judy took over in 1985 and moved to it’s current location. She graded the land, built the greenhouses and has been running the business ever since. Judy has been involved in the industry her entire life, began here career working for her father, later received a BS degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Cal Poly, went on to run her father’s wholesale division for 10 years, then on to the nursery business for almost 30 years.


Creating the model for aquaponics sites around the country are Pathways Founder and CEO, Gary Ferguson; and local team member Karen Sykes. Together the two are developing their individual Pathways Aquaponics sites to grow vegetables that might one day soon make it to the table of veterans in the Sacramento area. The goal is to have numerous Pathways aquaponics sites, farmed by veterans, in a region that can produce ample organic vegetables to bring to their local farmers market.

Sacramento Team

Gary Ferguson

Gary Ferguson

Gary has long dreamt of Agriculture playing a significant role in the healing of veterans. He will be the first veteran to launch an aquaponics farm in his backyard at his Orangevale home, with hopes to be the inspiration to other disabled veterans.

Karen Sykes

Karen Sykes

Karen brings an unparalleled willingness to serve others to the team along with a long standing love for organic farming. She will be converting her community garden to aquaponics farm and invite others to join her on her journey.