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Inner Journeys Adventures


Pathways for Veterans is proud to partner with Inner Journeys Adventures. This partnership brings MaryAiñe's services and expertise to the local veteran community as well as information on the programs available through Pathways for Veterans. Through our combined efforts, we provide support to veterans and their families as they create a new life after military service.

MaryAiñe is owner/founder of Inner Journey Adventures in Avila Beach, CA

"Being born at Camp Pendleton and growing up in a military family gives me insights that shaped who I am and who I’ve become.

The gift of inner healing has allowed me to hear my own inner voice and release the old and ever present deep emotional trauma from abuse. My two veteran husbands (21 years) carried the scars of Post Traumatic Stress that instilled in me the empathy to understand and know what deep and lasting effects war brings to the home. The whole family is affected. I want to help you find healing, keep your family together and guide you with skills to get on with your life by helping you release and reduce stressful recurring body memories.

Rapid Eye Technology, Energy Medicine, Heart Centered Transformation, and CranioSacral Therapies became my focus because of the demand and desire of my clients to move through their emotional healing processes quickly. It worked for me and it will work for you."

Professional Services:

  • Inner Transformation Self Development Guide (Coach)

  • Rapid Eye Technician (RET) Master Level and Trainer

  • Licensed Somatic Massage Therapist

  • Twilight Brigade Volunteer (Hospice for Veterans)


  • Massage Therapy and Health Education - 1996

  • Rapid Eye Technician - 2000

  • Master Level Rapid Eye Technician - 2001

  • Trainer Level Rapid Eye Technology - 2006

  • Silva Mind System - 2005



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