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In 1978 the treatments of choice for Vietnam war ‘trauma’ were alcohol, cigarettes, ‘drugs’, and suicide. At least that is what I observed at Camp LeJeune, NC,- the east coast Marine base.

Terry is on a 30 year search for the treatment of ‘vaginal ‘ body memory, cellular tissue body memory, and the underlying acquired dysfunction that is frozen into the body tissues exposed to fear driven physical or mental trauma.

By 1998 after teaching the ‘standard’ CBT, ‘talk therapy’ recommendation for PTSD treatment to the residents for 9 years, we found that CBT, ‘the golden standard’ did NOTHING to remove the pain and other symptoms from the pelvic area. Dr. Bessell van der Kolk, MD is the ‘father of PTSD” in the US. So I attended his conference for 349 psychiatrists, I heard him answer this question from the audience: “What happens to all those vets with PTSD?” He reluctantly said, “They all end up in the back wards of VA hospitals in increasing catatonic states.” Which meant that all of the wise brains in the US had NO real cure for PTSD except- except just letting them die away. Those who had already ‘escaped’ via suicide were not around to be counted.

That meant to me- I had to look outside the US psychological literature if I wanted to cure those women. In 2000 I started having success using methods which used the 3,000 year old Chinese meridian conduction system. Some techniques like acupuncture or Cranio-Sacral massage still-point induction or Bio-Dynamic massage holds were far too slow to stop the acute panic attacks my patients had as they entered the operating room. Or others like EMDR required intense 3-6 hours of work in a very serious therapist’s office for patients to gain self control; still too long as it is unwise to induce anesthetic states when patients’ autonomic nervous systems are in high reactivity, we needed effective solutions. We needed to stop pre-operative PANIC attacks seen commonly in women with traumatic childhoods, before starting an I.V. drug induction line. We also needed to address the increase in post-operative dissociative abreactions seen after the introduction of Propofol- an amnesic anesthetic induction agent in the used in the mid 1990’s as the agent of choice in out-patient surgery units because of its short half life and anti-emetic properties. Abreactions, a psychiatric emergency, result when mid brain structures take over behavior control when propofol throws the frontal cortex ‘off line’. Abreactions that I see in women are commonly reliving of previous sexual trauma in exact sensory detail. They are reproducible with each propofol usage unless, as in longer hospital cases, an inhalation ‘gas’ anesthetic is used for the rest of the case. An intravenous narcotic agent like Fentanyl must be used with Propofol to control pain.

Soon we found that Auricular therapy, pressure on Chinese medicine points in the ear, rapidly calms most patients. My surgical assistants became effective in doing the Shen Men ear hold while I was busy with the ‘terrifying’ pelvic exam. Then in 2005 “TFT” or “EFT” energy tapping into the meridian points arrived. The effectiveness of ‘clinical- operating room’ EFT was very impressive to scared patients and staff alike! We started expecting daily ‘miracles’ when we used it to help patients out of their panic attacks. The same year at the Cranio-Sacral ‘DURA’ conference, I heard Dr. Carol McMakin present Frequency Specific Microcurrent –energy medicine which used meridian transfer of microamperage ‘harmonics’ to treat specific tissues with specific actions! She had not treated a rape/molestation victim, but thought FSM would work. The clinic’s medical director refused to let me use it [FSM] to stop bleeding and promote wound healing even after I treated his tennis elbow. But an old friend nurse who had been molested found that FSM was a ‘life saver’ and ‘restorer’ as it freed her traumatic body memories! She was only the first case!

In the OR my team mainly concentrated on using EFT, ‘real time’ clinical tapping of quantum energy ‘particles’ into the meridians. The body seemed to know how to send that energy to the wounded tissues. Our patients’ panic attacks stopped in response to tapping. Some patients reported nausea and feeling ‘bad’ the next day, the normal ‘detoxification signs common after deep tissue massage- the sign of effective treatment.

Two remarkable cases changed the way I thought about what really works to cure PTSD. A.B. was 37 years-old and could NOT tolerate pelvic exams without screaming, after her alcoholic father molested her at 5-9 years-old. So I taught her to energy tap and my nurse held her Shen Men [ear calming] point and I told her that she was ‘safe’ and the day’s date and she tapped herself while we did her pelvic exam. She did and felt better! She was started on Celexa or Lexapro, 2nd generation SSRI’s, which have been shown to ‘re-grow’ the amygdalae which had shrunk after the 9-11 generated PTSD in adults study which included pre and post treatment brain scans from New York. She was instructed to do EFT tapping every night. She received Propofol/Fentanyl out-patient anesthesia and EFT tapping by my nurse for her surgery. Over time she required 4 more anesthetics. Then finally I asked her how much better she had become. She said, ‘I am 90-95% better! Would this work for my partner? He was molested by his boy scout leader when he was 12 years-old?’ Taking her SSRI re-grew her amygdala, home tapping treated her cellular trauma and energy work by me before and by my OR nurse during her surgery cleared 90% of her problem. By comparison, ‘Core-focused’ EMDR is 85% effective and Prozac alone in civilians is only 50% effective in clearing symptoms [as measured by the CAPS symptom score].

L.M. a 28 year-old slender pretty mother of three presented in the OR, agitated, fearfully shaking and slumped down with a slow tremulous gait. We asked her to talk about her trauma while we were tapping her. The male CRNA told her that molesting a girl 7-10 years-old was not to be allowed ever! Soon she was able to lie down on the OR table and relax enough to let the i.v. catheter enter her vein [sexually molested kids have severe needle phobia]. Still being tapped by me and ‘Shen Men’ing her ears by the surgical assistant, she went to sleep with oxygen by inhalation mask, Propofol/Fentanyl/Versed. During the case she was tapped. Afterwards, as soon as my paper work was done, I tapped her on the transfer gurney into first stage recovery room. She was the last patient of the day, so I kept on EFT tapping her, telling her she was ‘safe’! I cleared all 13 meridians, cut her toxin ‘cords’ and kept on tapping. Her pupils were pin point [narcotic effect] but she was breathing on her own with a PO2 of > 98%. After a total of 45 minutes of tapping she woke up, her pupils came reactive and I told her what I had been doing. Then I went to change clothes. Upon checking her in 3rd stage recovery she was smiling, standing tall and she interrupted my attempts at giving her post-op instructions with, “Dr. Z, YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON WHO WALKED INTO THAT O.R.!!” I tried to go over her post surgery and EFT treatment plans with her. BUT, she kept interrupting me to repeat what she knew had happened. ”I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON!!!!” To be truthful, at that point all I could think of was ‘Bring me ALL g..d..MARINES TO TREAT!!’ At most she had 60 minutes of EFT while under the brain chemical bath that exists during acute trauma-fear = endorphins [fentanyl] to reduce pain so you can ran away and cortical dissociation [Propofol] so your body’s flight –fight system is totally controlled by your muscles, sensory organs and body’s actions in order to escape. These drugs opened the chemical window to use positive energy to ‘treat’ the cellular membranes trauma tubules and remove them. I have repeated similar clearing using just i.v. fentanyl and EFT tapping on a traumatic facial scar. All of this work was done without FSM units. By adding the PTSD protocol, Concussion and Emotional Balance protocols to the Propofol/Fentanyl i.v. induction/0xygen-mask anesthesia by a military trained CRNA, running them during 60 minutes and including EFT tapping by a combat buddy/partner and myself/a trained surgeon while focusing on the Marine’s worst trauma memories there is very good chance that a rapid, permanent trauma clearing would be completed WITH MINIMAL CONSCIOUS RE-EXPOSURE TO HIS WORST FEARS. This ‘rapid PTSD detox’ can not replace other supportive treatments like using effective SSRI’s or SNRI’s, or later group therapy or learning self containment skills like the TAT hold and EFT ‘panic’ tapping. I named real time ‘clinical’ EFT : TEIPAT [ Tap Energy Into Pressure points –Annhilate the (Trauma) Tubules]. Pre-operative and post-operative HRV [Heart rate variability – a physiological measure of presence of PTSD] must be enlisted to be used as the proper measurement of the body’s level of distress. Paper PTSD testing used by the military is embedded with falsifications.



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