Cameron Park

Skinner Winery


Our Mission at Pathways is to empower Veterans returning home from war and those already here to have a sense of community. Helping them integrate back into society through several different modalities; such as, Organic and Aquaponic Farming, Farmers Markets, Nutritional Education, and Web Design to mention a few. Our intention is to bring hope and joy to the lives of those who served us so bravely.
Pathways for Veterans is proud to be partnering with Erik Powell of Gold River Produce and Jon Parr founder of System Design and Education. Our aquaponically grown produce will be ready for harvest starting in Dec. Along with sales, we will be doing food distribution for those in need in the community.

Our wonderful staff includes Joyce Campbell creates beautiful Gourds, Lily Michael is our wonderful photographer, Helen O’Neill makes wonderful knit scarves and shawls, Susie Alling makes note cards and Zen Gardens, Brandi Crain has several paintings here, not to mention The History of Rescue books, and the Where the Hell is Rescue, Ca?



Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10-4 Pm

Contact: Karen Sykes (916) 705-5745