Bioenergetic Wisdom "Language of the Heart" with Peter Paulissen

August 5th, 9:00am - August 6th @5:00pm, Price $497

This 2-Day Event features training from renown NES Practitioner, Peter Paulissen



Peter's Internal Wisdom

“To work with people means that we must develop as a human from someone with a personality, to someone who lives in its own ‘Essence’. Only then can we start to speak from helping and healing someone else from the heart.  Be open to who you really are and stop lying to yourself and others. We develop from knowing a lot to ‘Being’. This is the only resonance that really matters. Without being, we can do nothing that really counts for ourselves or others.” – Peter Paulissen

Practitioners Come and Join This Level 3 Training!


What is in store for you at this 2-day event?

See who you really are and start to develop. Feel the need to raise your consciousness and become open to all possibilities. Love from out of your heart means transformation.

You will learn to store your attention back in your heart. Because attention is your biggest and what will set you totally free as a human being without anymore problems!

We will wake up your real identity. Remembering the real “I” again. Then you will connect again with the real Source energy!

Be open for your higher purpose and be the change you are waiting for. You aren’t yet what you can be!


Come and join this heart weekend so that we can end suffering in your and others live.

The only thing we ask from you is when you attend be open for all possibilities.

We will use these two days to setup and reach your goals as a practitioner!


Book this event and pay in full by July 1st to receive the Early Bird discount price of $427! Price increases to $497 after July 1st.


Location: Sacramento, CA

Dates/Times: August 5th and 6th from 9am – 5pm

Contact: Gary Ferguson (916) 932-6549


About Peter

Peter Paulissen started his career studying physiotherapy and Western and Eastern Healthcare. Besides he studied several complementary healthcare disciplines such as Postural Integration, BOCAM therapy, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Ortho-Molecular healthcare. He deepened his knowledge in Advaita (non-dualism). In mainstream healthcare he continued studying in Humanistics, Psychological-Pathology and integrative psychology.Peter has been practicing his successful ‘functional healthcare in service of the patient’ for over 20 years at his own medical clinic. Besides this he often practices his other great passion, teaching. He teaches medical and psychological subjects, Acupuncture and Advaita.

Watch Peter explain bioenergetic medicine and the human bodyfield.