Pathways for Veterans is proud to partner with David Mumm and Whole Brain Fitness. David’s Post-Trauma Reset is an inovative program that promises to heal damage caused by traumatic stress. This exciting partnership brings David’s services and expertise to the local veteran community as well as information on the programs available through Pathways for Veterans. Through our combined efforts, we provide support to veterans and their families as they create a new life after military service.

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Post Trauma Reset

For years we have been hearing that no one knows what to do with all the veterans suffering from high levels of stress, trauma and head impacts. Our initial investigations show that Whole Brain Fitness’s Post-Trauma Reset may be able to efficiently address this overwhelming need in our community. Did you know that as many as 30% of the 21.5 million Americans who make up our veteran community have or are still suffering from the effects of traumatic stress, even from as far back as the Vietnam era? The Post-Trauma Reset is a mind-body, educational approach that promises to be an important breakthrough in applied neuro-psychology. Part of the protocol is an extraordinary process that “awakens” areas of the brain that are “asleep,” reactivating functioning in only one hour! Human Development Expert David Mumm is bringing his Whole Brain Fitness™ healing and personal development program to Pathways’ innovative training curriculum. David is also preparing to train Pathways personnel in the Post-Trauma Reset Protocol. This includes the exciting “Creating Courage” method to transform fear, anger, shame and stress. It can rapidly and effectively help our veterans reclaim their lives. Whole Brain Fitness and Pathways for Veterans are collaborating in a new strategic partnership which is laying the foundations for opening a progressive Whole Brain Fitness Center in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, as the hub of the Post Trauma Reset Pilot Program.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1   What is the Post Trauma Reset Protocol?

Q2   What benefits does the PTRP provide?

Q3   How is this approach different from other stress management approaches?

Q4   Who could benefit from the PTRP approach?

Q5   What got you interested in brain science?

Q6   Tell us how you developed the Post Trauma Reset Protocol.

Q7   What do you hope to discover from your upcoming pilot study?

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Whole Brain Fitness’s Post Trauma Reset Pilot Program for Veterans

The Pilot Program is designed to systematically record and demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods while providing the much needed scientific evidence and documentation that is necessary to establish the professional credibility, broad based accessibility and acceptance of the Post Trauma Reset. The Pilot Program is essential to establish a scientific research foundation that will give doctors and psychologists the confidence to refer patients to our program. We will create a video documentary that will capture the effectiveness of the Post Trauma Reset with our veteran participants, this will enable us to customize the Post Trauma Reset to work with other Pathways Programs. Though we of Whole Brain Fitness have clients from all walks of life, ranging in age from 7 to 75, we are grateful to now be recognized and employed in service to veterans. Our mission is to introduce this powerful treatment approach by creating a solid foundation that will allow this work to continue to develop for many generations to come. The Post Trauma Reset and its comprehensive professional training program will ultimately be accessible through over 150 Pathways for Veterans centers all across the country, as well as through other networks of holistic practitioners. Our strategic partnership with Pathways is heaven-sent! Through it we can deliver this technology, fulfilling our purpose to alleviate unnecessary suffering as well as provide an opportunity for conducting the scientific research needed to alter the current paradigm of treatment/non-treatment for post trauma victims. Not only will your Donation to Whole Brain Fitness’s Post Trauma Reset Pilot Program and/or your generous gift of Sponsorship, directly assist a traumatized veteran, l make these programs widely available to deserving men and women vets, so in need of support and healing, but it will also contribute greatly to the foundation, as well as ensure the increasing availability and widespread delivery of this desperately needed, groundbreaking resolution.

Key Neuro-physiological Circuits Assessment

  • specific muscle contraction: lower legs, upper arms, neck and shoulders
  • physical standing balance
  • ease and volume of breath
  • walking gait assessment
  • cross crawl assessment
  • eye tracking and convergence
  • listening and seeing self-reports

These key neuro-physiological circuits get differentially activated by general and specific traumatic incidents. For and may become stuck in a chronic stress state. Traumas can lock up the visual, auditory, and vestibular systems. Spinal muscles and whole body ligamenture can appear to be permanently tightly contracted. Post-trauma states almost universally impact executive skills such as self-control, concentration, planning, memory, and decision-making

Some Protocol Features

The Whole Brain Fitness Trauma Reset Protocol optimizes neural-communication circuits, allowing self-healing and self-directed learning to occur.

It specifically de-activates fear, based on a deep understanding of the neuro-physiology of fear.

It specifically alleviates the state of shame and guilt, based on a deep understanding of the neuro-physiology of shame, or, as it’s known in the animal world, defeat.

It positions post-concussive syndrome as a special case of a stuck-survival reaction pattern. “Idling neuron” zones are usually reactivated in a one-hour session returning higher functioning in behaviors related to the brain zone affected.

As a “bottom-up” approach, the Trauma Reset Protocol unlocks the primitive movement (reptilian) brain first, then the emotional-limbic brain and finally the higher-order sensory and cognitive processes.

Some of the modalities used are acu-pressure and acu-laser, neuro-motor reflex integration, rapid eye movement, breath work, neuro-linguistics, and nutritional approaches to neuro-transmitter and adrenal gland balance.

The whole system naturally moves toward it’s optimum operation when the available “processing power” is not being used up by stress responses in other bodily systems, such as cardiovascular, digestive, vestibular, sensory, or immune. Re-setting these neuro-circuits using known markers for stress, supports the brain-body system to move into self-healing mode and flourish.
Used in a medical context, this process works as complementary treatment, accelerating the person’s recovery.

With this approach PTSD is not some “thing” you have but rather is a particular state of neuro-physiological elements of a person’s brain-body system.

By interacting with the person from a “greatness” stance rather than a “pathologizing” stance, we encourage that person to self-responsibility, away from the victim mind-set.

Message from Whole Brain Fitness Founder, David Mumm

As a human development expert, I have spent countless hours in inter-disciplinary study and empowered thousands of people of all ages with mind-body therapies. The principles and techniques I distilled into this powerful program are solid. They are strongly supported by the scientific literature. I believe that the Post Trauma Reset is unrivaled in the world of holistic wellness for effectiveness, speed and safety. So now is the time! It is time to awaken health professionals to the exceptional results that are possible, enabling far more people on the trauma spectrum to more fully recover. Through your support of the Post Trauma Reset Pilot Program, we will not only relieve the vast, unnecessary suffering of our honored vets, but will also catalyze a great evolution in healthcare! Your donation will make this healing gift possible. Pathways will send you a Charitable Tax Receipt for your records. Thank you! Sincerely, David Mumm

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David_Mumm-bioDavid Mumm David is the architect of the Whole Brain Fitness™ Curriculum and is a human development expert. He has had a 30-year career in human development, specializing in cognitive performance. Through his company, PowerLearn Technologies, he developed and taught courses in accelerated learning and body-centered personal development. He has been a licensed Brain Gym consultant for over 25 years. He spent 4 years as a psychotherapist, specializing in diagnosis and treatment of brain-based problems while in a PhD program in clinical psychology. David also suffered many problems from heavy metal poisoning of his brain and recovered using holistic health approaches.


Benjamin Perkus, PhD Benjamin is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked with David for the last ten years. Dr. Perkus specializes in dealing with ADHD assessment and treatment. He is interested in the research foundation of successful holistic approaches to psychological health.


JD_Starman_bioJD Starman JD has an MA in Biological Sciences and is a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Tai Chi instructor since 1993. He studied and worked in mind/body health for 25 years and worked in the neuro-feedback field two years. He has studied and worked with David Mumm for 10 years, applying neuroscience research to help people with brain-based problems develop their full potential.