Meet the Men’s Division Team

Meet the Team

Pathways Programs for Men

Team Leader

Gary FergusonGary Ferguson

Founder & CEO

Gary Ferguson is a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran
(Tet 1967 – 1968)

"Pathways for Veterans was created as a non-profit 501(c)(3) to help other veterans understand the VA resources and offerings. The Pathways program will enroll you in transformational activities that help guide you along the way."

Team Support

Jon_Cordas_bioJon Cordas, PhD

Transitioning from an organizational consulting career to strategic planning at Pathways for Veterans has provided a greater sense of meaning and purpose as I live my life in service to others.

With a PhD in psychology and a Masters in sociology, I spent over thirty years worked as a consultant with clients such as the FAA, NASA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Intel, Lockheed and General Dynamics. I helped these organizations innovate and collaborate more effectively. In addition to working with great people and great companies, I found much personal satisfaction teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational leadership.

While I enjoyed helping people work together more effectively, I found a new level and clarity of purpose and meaning working in service to veterans at Pathways. I find profound satisfaction every day as I engage my passion for focusing convergences of extraordinary people with resonant values and vision. My varied roles at Pathways include:

  • Coordinator of coaching programs
  • Trainer for VIA Institute signature strength and mindfulness coaching
  • Strategic planner and facilitator
  • Project management

Scott McCullough - Regional Director, Spokane, WAScott McCullough

Board Member

Scott is a devoted father of two beautiful young children and adoring husband. He has had a long and varied career path including but not limited to his work as a firefighter in the USAF, youth counselor, drug rehab counselor for Florida Corrections, special events coordinator for Junior Achievement of Northwest Florida, real estate broker and jobs in various construction related fields. Scott graduated from the University of West Florida with a masters degree in psychology. He is USAF and a Desert Storm Veteran (1990-1991).

His dedication, commitment and true compassion for others has led him to join the Pathways team. He has found his calling for life. The PATH he was meant to follow and is ready to aid you on the beginning of your Journey.


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