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Karen Sykes

Karen was raised in the Monterey Bay area of Northern California and now resides in the Sierra Foothills of Rescue Ca. on 5 acres, with her two sons, two dogs, and a cat.

She was a massage therapist for 7 years, and a preschool teacher for 5 years. And for over 15 years she has studied the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Maryanne Williamson, and Ernest Holmes to name a few.

Seven years ago she started an organic community garden with her friend Dan Daniels; a two time Vietnam Vet. Enlisting the help from her Spiritual Community, they built 10 - 24ft x 4ft raised beds, with room to plant fruit trees. Growing her own food, and tending to the garden with a community of friends was a magical experience for her. She donated food monthly to "The Upper Room," who serves meals to the homeless in El Dorado County.

Her intention since then has been to go out into the surrounding communities and help others build and start growing their own organic food and promote Self Sustainability.

Pathways for Veterans Organic Farm Program is improving the health mentally, and physically for those Vets in the program. Giving them a sense of accomplishment; selling what they grow, feeding their families, and a new found love of community for the good of themselves and "Mother Earth." I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful organization.



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