San Jose


Robert Dickman

Founder - Body Reset Center

At Dickman Chiropractic Corporation’s ‘Body Reset Center’ we provide our patients non-invasive, drug-free cutting-edge relaxation and stimulated healing technology that addresses a wide variety of symptoms associated with stress on the body.

Our treatment approaches focus on stimulating the body’s relaxation response, re-setting harmony/coherence to the over 60 trillion cells that compose our body’s framework or grid of circulating information, re-setting/restoring normal function of the body’s internal and musculoskeletal “energy” systems, reducing inflammation, regenerating tissues, and realigning the spine/joints of the body, ultimately reducing stress/pressure on the nervous system and enhancing our body’s self-regulating & self-healing abilities.

Removing blockages in our own personal energy fields (as caused by anxiety and stress) by relaxing the mind/body connection is essential to resetting our innate mental and functional abilities that allow us to adapt, overcome and thrive in life. 


Veteran Program Protocols

We are looking for a group of veterans who are willing to fully participate in an 8-week program using the latest and most advanced alternative healing modalities at Body Reset Center. Your participation and results have the potential to positively impact tens of thousands of veterans. The purpose of these research trials are to provide Pathways for Veterans and Body Reset Center real time Intel regarding the benefits of alternative healing modalities, in conjunction with RestStation™, in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia. These symptoms are considered to be underlying causes of the larger diagnosis commonly known as PTSD.  We are reaching out to San Jose, California area veterans, who currently receive their VA medical benefits, for their opinion and recommendations based on their own RestStation™ experiences. If you are a veteran and are interested in participating in an 8-Week program, fill out the preregistration form below and a member of our staff will get in touch with you shortly.

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