Pathways for Veterans is proud to partner with Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts and Insight Natural Medicine. This partnership brings Dr. Bradley and his team's services and expertise to the local veteran community as well as information on the programs available through Pathways for Veterans. Through our combined efforts, we provide support to veterans and their families as they create a new life after military service.

Sean Bradley ND, EAMP

Dr. Bradley is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician and an East Asian Medicine Practitioner. He is a black belt instructor in the martial art of Sinmoo Hapkido and has traveled the world teaching and training.

He began his career in healthcare as a medical specialist in the US Army Reserves when he enlisted in 1999. He worked in medical clinics in Colorado and Madigan Army Medical Center in Washington. He served on the Search and Rescue team during a deployment to Honduras. He was an instructor for the Combat Lifesaver Course and also assisted medical acupuncturists in both Madigan Army Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He was honorably discharged in October, 2007.

He received a Bachelors of Science in Botany from Colorado State University, and also completed the pre-medicine requirements while graduating with honors.

He received both his ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) and MSAOM (Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) from Bastyr University where he not only was a student but was a teaching assistant for Gross Human Anatomy, Pulmonology, Tui Na, and IV Therapy. He completed his studies at Bastyr after doing an externship through Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shu Guang and Yue Yang Hospitals in Shanghai, China.

In 2009 he founded Insight Natural Medicine and Martial Arts in Kirkland, Washington where he began seeing patients and teaching classes at Eastside Martial Arts. Over the next three years, he expanded his practice and student base and published the first edition of the Sinmoo Hapkido Student Handbook. He closed this clinic in 2012 to travel to China and returned to open Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts with Daniel Cashman in October of 2013.

He continues his studies at the University of Washington where he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Chinese through the department of Asian Languages and Literature, following his receiving a bachelor's degree in the same department. In addition, he continues to expand his practice of Chinese Medicine through his study of Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) and Qi Gong under renowned instructor Dr. Benjamin Apichai. He also has traveled to Chengdu, China where he worked with doctors in both traditional herbal medicine and Tui Na.

He travels and teaches Sinmoo Hapkido and has traveled to Mexico, Canada, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Latvia, Mauritania, Morocco, and throughout the United States teaching and assisting his instructor, Grandmaster Ji Han-Jae. He has served as a personal assistant to his teacher for the last ten years. He teaches frequent meditation seminars around the world, and has not only studied the techniques taught by his Sinmoo Hapkido teacher, but has also studied practices in Thailand, Taiwan, Tibet, China, and Korea.

He maintains that all aspects of a person's health; mind, body, and spirit, must be addressed if a person is to reach optimal health and well-being. He enjoys working with students and patients and continues his own learning and training at every opportunity.

Dr. Bradley frequently travels to China to continue both his language study, and also his study of medicine. He is a research scientist at the Bastyr University Research Institute where he is engaged in a translation project of Classical Chinese Medicine texts.

Daniel_Cashman_bioDaniel Cashman

Daniel began his lifelong relationship with the martial arts in 1987 after joining a TRACO Kenpo school in Glendale Arizona. In the spring of 1988 he was sponsored into the Family of Many Dragons and dedicated himself to Chun Kuo Kung Fu. After graduating from high school in Phoenix, Arizona, Daniel joined the Army Reserves and served for two years as an Armor Crewman. In 1992 he volunteered for active duty and changed jobs to become an Artillery Forward Observer, where he spent two years serving in Germany, and a year in South Korea. In 1995 he re-enlisted and changed jobs again to become an Interrogator. From 1995 to 1999 he served as an Interrogator, Linguist, and Human Intelligence collector in a variety of capacities. During this time, he graduated from the 63-week intensive Arabic language course in Monterey, California, obtained a Top Secret security clearance, completed the British Interrogation Course, and participated in a variety of missions in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Focus. A decorated non-commissioned officer, his military awards include the Army Commendation Medal (with one Oak Leaf Cluster), the Army Achievement Medal (with seven Oak Leaf Clusters), the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, among others.

After leaving the Army in 1999, Daniel went to work for Atlantis Preferred Healthcare based in Tampa, Florida as an International Liaison. His initial assignment was to establish contact with government representatives of the United Arab Emirates and set up an office in Abu Dhabi, and for three months he worked to establish procedures related to the care and transport of patients from the United Arab Emirates to the United States. When Daniel returned to the US, he helped manage an Atlantis Preferred Healthcare office in Charlotte, North Carolina and worked as a translator and liaison helping patients from the United Arab Emirates receive medical care. The attacks of 9/11 forced Atlantis Preferred Healthcare to go out of business and Daniel once again changed gears.

A life-long musician, Daniel joined a band and played music professionally from the Fall of 2001 through the Spring of 2003. For almost two years, Daniel toured the country playing in bars and nightclubs from Florida to New York.

In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq and Daniel went back to work for the US government as part of the Iraq Survey Group. Daniel worked as a linguist and document exploitation professional participating in twenty-three combat missions in search of evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), as well as the search for Saddam Hussain after the fall of the government of Iraq.

In 2004, Daniel changed gears again and went to acupuncture school, graduating in 2008 with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University. In addition to running a private practice, Daniel served as an adjunct faculty member of Everest College.

Since October of 2012 Daniel, along with his wife, Wanda, and Sean Bradley, opened Seattle Asian Medicine and Martial Arts in North Seattle. He teaches and sees patients full-time while also serving as adjunct faculty at Bastyr University and supervising the Bastyr AOM Sports Medicine Club.

Wanda_Cashman_bioWanda Cashman

Wanda started her massage career early on at the young age of five when her mother would have her walk on her back, "chop-chop" her shoulders, and twist her legs into pretzels. She would find out later through massage training, that a lot of those techniques were from Thai massage. Wanda graduated with honors from Ashmead College for Massage Therapy with Spa & Aromatherapy Training in 2006. Working in a spa, she found she loved the calm atmosphere and decided to pursue her Esthetician's license and graduated from the Milan Institute of Cosmetology in 2008. She has been practicing massage and esthetics ever since and loves learning how to incorporate Eastern techniques and natural products into her practice. She is also an instructor at the Everest College Seattle branch in Massage Education.

Wanda's martial arts background began in the 5th grade when she joined Tae Kwon Do while her family was stationed at Misawa Air Force Base in Japan. She began learning Tai Chi as a family activity while living in Florida in 2003 and still practices the form today.


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