Scott McCullough - Regional Director, Spokane, WA

Scott McCullough

Pathways for Veterans Board Member

Pathways for Veterans is proud to partner with Scott McCullough and HeartMath's Destress Workshop for Veterans. This partnership brings Scott's extensive training in HeartMath programs to the local veteran community as well as information on the programs available through Pathways for Veterans. Through our combined efforts, we provide support to veterans and their families as they create a new life after military service.

About Scott

Scott is a devoted father of two beautiful young children and adoring husband. He has had a long and varied career path including but not limited to his work as a firefighter in the USAF, youth counselor, drug rehab counselor for Florida Corrections, special events coordinator for Junior Achievement of Northwest Florida, real estate broker and jobs in various construction related fields. Scott graduated from the University of West Florida with a masters degree in psychology. He is USAF and a Desert Storm Veteran (1990-1991).

His dedication, commitment and true compassion for others has led him to join the Pathways team. He has found his calling for life. The PATH he was meant to follow and is ready to aid you on the beginning of your Journey.



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