Veterans Re-Entry Training

Who We Are

We provide a unique world-class learning environment for veterans transitioning back to the civilian world. We train modern workforce development techniques and skills while partnering with leaders in the business community to ensure we help America's heroes become the obvious choice for employment.


Leadership. Mentorship. Camaraderie.

While completing your education with VRT, you'll have access to training professionals who will guide you through courses and coach you through the process of entering the job market. In addition to group training and open tutoring sessions, our participants bring a sense of camaraderie with them from the military, creating a truly unique learning experience.


Military Transition

Transitioning from military service to civilian employment can be a challeng­ing process, full of uncertainty. VRT will help you gain the skills necessary to begin a new career, plot a transition plan, translate your experience, network with employers, and excel in your transition.

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VRT Interviews

We are looking for veterans who are either in the VRT program or who have successfully completed the program to interview about your experience.  If you meet this criteria, please set up an appointment by clicking the link below.


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