Cour Training

Welcome to Cour Training

Why Cour Training?

To educate, inspire and transform using basic scientific proven methods/tools to decrease stress, anxiety and to increase resiliency and overall well-being. 


What is Heart-Based Education

Research has identified a measurable physiological state that is the basis for optimal learning and performance. In this state, our emotions are calm, and our brain, nervous system and other bodily systems function with increased synchronization and harmony. In simple terms, we are in sync physically, mentally and emotionally. Ultimately we can help to focus attention for reasoning and creativity- all essential for effective learning, academic achievement and social success!


Scientific Validation

The key to understanding how anxiety inhibits cognitive and physical performance lies in understanding how emotions affect the rhythmic activity in the nervous system. All techniques used in training have been scientifically validated and are currently used from Corporations to Classrooms around the world.



National Standards for Psychology

1) Stress, coping, and health

2) Biological basis for behavior

3) Sensation and Perception

4) Motivation and Emotion

Meet the Founders


Debbie Dimanno


Debbie's path to Cour Training took her from a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology to various careers in the medical field modalities such as Cardiology, GI and Genetic Biotech. Her interests took her into the the business sector working for  Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Philips, Siemens and Exact Sciences.

She spent 30 years working in Western Medicine and her extreme health issues made it clear that Western Medicine didn't have all the answers. She understood that much of her healing had to come from within. She realized that her  "biography was her biology".  She became "well" as a result of using modalities like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. She has always been a natural coach and found herself inspired to share everything she has learned. 


Julie Rodriguez


 Yuli has her Masters in Psychology and has been a Psychology Professor at Folsom Lake College for the past 13 years. In addition to her formal training and experience, Yuli has had a life filled with opportunities for growth. Yuli is visually impaired and her disability  has  made her the strong and compassionate person she is today. Yuli's unique perspective and her understanding of mindfulness techniques are a pivotal part of our program. She lives and breathes the belief that each and every one of us has the power to make the permanent changes we seek to live the life we desire with healthy, bodies, minds and souls!