FOCUS Pilot Study

Recon Mission

The purpose of this Recon Mission is to provide the Focus Marine Foundation real-time intel regarding the benefits of the Veterans At Ease Reset Listening Protocols.

Veterans At Ease Reset Listening Protocols represents the coalition partnership between Advanced Brain Technologies and Pathways for Veterans that provide state-of-the-art customized listening programs to support veterans with Insomnia, Anxiety, and Stress. Alex Doman founded advanced Brain Technologies in 1998 and built on his family’s three generations of pioneering contributions to the field of human development. ABT is the leader in sound brain fitness and has helped countless numbers of people improve their lives by merely listening. With over 4,000 trained listeners and service providers worldwide they have become a game changer for our veterans and all those who serve them. ABT is a GSA contract holder, which means that these programs are covered for our Veterans at no cost through the VA.

Consider what’s now happening with the combined efforts of Pathways for Veterans, founded by Gary Ferguson a highly decorated Vietnam era combat veteran (Tet 67-68) and his MOS was FO with the 1st air can and who survived over 85 searches and destroy recon missions. Think he might know something about soul sickness? Having spent nearly a half-century personally dealing with PTSD and TBI, as a result of prolonged combat, he spent the first 18 years after returning to civilian life heavily medicated and loaded. The VA did not even have a DSM definition of PTSD until 1986. Any wonder why he stayed lit? It wasn’t until Dec. 2, 1986, that a near-death experience changed his life. From that date forward he never looked back nor found it necessary to use medications, or use drugs and alcohol to feel ok. The Veterans At Ease Reset Listening Protocols are a step-by-step, structured environment, over a period to transition from the military mindset of serving to the civilian life of thriving. These protocols are a roadmap given to every veteran who wishes to apply in gratitude for being alive and thriving after returning from the sickness of the soul. If you feel you have the right stuff, contact Dan Dorr for your application to apply.

Thank you for your continued service,
Gary Ferguson
Fulfillment Team Member

How to Get Started

In support of the
Marine Focus Foundation

Protocols for Mission Success

Effective 5/1/2016


Have all mentor and staff participants register online by completing contact information form below.

Register Here


All participants must read, then sign Agreement Statement. Agreement must be faxed to 1-801-627-4505 before equipment can ship.

Advanced Brain Technologies
Attn: Stewart

Download Agreement here pdficon_large


Please read the following instructions carefully before completing the Via Survey below. The completed VIA survey is the auto-generated starting point for the online training and program tracking systems. This step is important and must be completed by all participants.

  1. Fill out the VIA registration form completely (You are creating an account for tracking your VIA work, so keep a copy of your password)
  2. Click on “Register”
  3. Select the “Take the Survey” option
  4. Complete the Survey
  5. Agree to have results sent to Gary Ferguson
  6. Be sure to Print and Save your Character Strengths for your records
  8. When Pathways for Veterans receives your 5 Character Strengths via e-mail, a follow-up phone conversation will be scheduled with a Pathways facilitator.

Get Started Via Survey


You will receive an email 48 hours prior to the scheduled weekly “Go To Meeting” conference call. The purpose of this email is to make sure you have a copy of your character strengths from the VIA survey. Participants who are not familiar with Go To Meeting can get IT assistance before the call by emailing Pathways for Veterans for support. There is no charge for support.


Mentors and participants will provide an email confirmation to the fulfillment team member Gary Ferguson at when Steps 1-4 above completed, or contact Gary ASAP if any questions or concerns arise. Please note that time is of the essence while each medical device is custom programmed and must be tested before shipment. Additionally, all paperwork must be completed before shipment can occur.

Why The Listening Program?

Under the Hood – Frequency Zone Chart & Sleep Genius


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Press Release: Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) announces that it is partnering with Pathways for Veterans.