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Thoughts Become Things

by Gary Ferguson My very life depends on my moment-by-moment prayers and meditation practices. Have you asked yourself how many of us get to experience joy, happiness, excitement, passion, purpose or abundance? I suggest not many; let alone have had these experiences on a daily basis. The adventure you are about to embark on will…

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Subconscious Mind Programming

By Gary Ferguson Perhaps, since my last blog you took the opportunity to “listen up” for your internal gatekeeper? If not, now worries. Your gatekeeper is always listening up. Were you able to give a definition to your own “it and its”?  My own definition of IT is the simplest one I could conjure up…

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Stage 1 of Awakening

By Gary Ferguson What does it really mean to wake up? Is it fair to say that one’s awakening is a journey from the world of what you know, to the world of you don’t know, and never will? Ones awakenings come and go in direct proportion to their willingness to let go of what…

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