“You’re It: How to Enjoy a Successful Life Through Creative Attitudes” by Kay Latham Slesinger

You're It: How to Enjoy a Successful Life Through Creative Attitudes

By Kay Latham Slesinger


"Kay Slesinger is a fountain of human energy pouring forth to all. She beams with a warmth evidencing empathy and friendliness.

She can make a person glow through her recognition of their importance. She has time for everyone–and every cause.

Wanting people to believe in themselves and feel right with the world, she encourages innovation and good motives. She recognizes and sees the good in people and brings it to the surface, thereby subliminally exhorting them to believe in themselves.

In her book, You're It, she shares her own inner peace and love for living in harmony."



"'Feel good about yourself' is her constant theme."

F. Leonard Holihan–Executive Director
Beaver Creek Chamber of Commerce
Colonel, USAF (retired)


"Kay gets things done! In the are where we live, Greene County, Ohio, all of us give her the projects we want started and finished on time. She refuses to take 'no' for an answer. I'm certain that's one reason for her success."

Lefty McFadden
Businessman and Nationally-known Sportsman